Of late, Converse as a brand had lost some of its cultural impact and finesse in the UK. Jenai was asked to partner with an incredible team as creative director to spearhead a mammoth campaign to bring the brand back to the forefront of culture and Gen Z.

With his formulated approach and ethos ‘Elevate Culture, Create Legacy’, the team got to work on the ground via street research and targeted audience insights.

The feedback was clear, young Brits are eager for change and brands no longer simply represent consumer-driven decisions, they form partnerships in the minds of their customers who buy into the brand before the product.

No more tokenism, it’s time for brands to partner up or get left behind. We created a campaign that spoke to an audience that is showing a level of brand loyalty like never before. 

Enter, The Last Light On – a celebration of those moments where time ceases to exist, perfecting your craft against all the odds. A laser focus on the next generation of black London filmmakers in partnership with Converse and John Boyega.

A complete visual narrative, elevated style and easter eggs galore saw both a stills and film campaign, all built around our five selected filmmakers from London. The goal was clear, turn the home of John Boyega’s South London home, Peckham into a cinematic landscape never seen before. Real shops, real locations, real rooftops, real people and real patties. Authenticity is non-negotiable.

With co-creator director/photographer Filmawri behind the lens, the vision was executed to perfection.

The legacy? £25k in funding per filmmaker for a short film project and a six-month mentorship programme that will see our next-generation of storytellers supported at each step of their journey. All in anticipation of a mini film festival where they showcase their latest and greatest work to date.

An epic rollout included digital, social, OOH and retail in both in the UK and Europe and media partnerships saw the campaign come to life across city skylines.


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